Reservation Conditions


The acquisition of the/s entry/s implies acceptance of the following conditions:

Do not admit returns or changes of entries.

The Organization does not guarantee the authenticity of the entry if it has been gained in the official points of sale.

In case of suspension of the service, the return shall be effected by the Organization within 15 days of the date of celebration.

In case of suspension of the service, once started, there will be no right of return of the amount of entry.

Is strictly forbidden filming or recording the spectacle/service.

It also prohibits the use of flash and the entrance to with any object that the Organization deemed dangerous.

Reserves the right of admission. It is power of the Organization allowing entry to the service once you start.

The admission is subject to the provision of the entry in good condition. Must be at the point of departure 10 minutes before the scheduled time of departure.

With the NO. book / locator must collect the ticket before the service in the Points of Information.


Regulations for clients:

1.      Acceptance of the booking conditions.By using our website and/or making a booking, you hereby agree that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions shown below.

2.      Description of service provided.Through this website, the Cordoba Tourist Board provides an online platform for hotels to offer their rooms and for visitors to the website to make bookings. When you make a booking through, you are entering into a direct, legally binding contractual relationship with the hotel you have booked. From the moment your booking is made, we act exclusively as technological intermediaries between you and the hotel, passing on the booking details to the hotel and sending you an E-mail to confirm it. It is important that you print this E-mail and do not forget to present it when you arrive at the hotel. The information included on the  website consists exclusively of the information provided to us by the hotels. In this way, the hotels have access to an extranet through which they have full responsibility for updating the rates, availability and any other information displayed on our website. Cordoba Tourist Board requires the establishments which have joined the online system to provide accurate and true information; however, it is impossible for us to verify or guarantee that all information contained is accurate, complete and correct. We cannot be held responsible for errors, interruptions (due to the server crashing temporarily or partially, or for repairs, updating or upkeep of our website), inaccurate, misleading or false information, or lack of information. The hotel is responsible at all times for the information that appears on our website being accurate and correct (this includes both the description as well as the information on rates and availability).

3.      Nature of the service.Our services are exclusively for personal, non-commercial use. For this reason, the resale of bookings, overbooking, deep linking, using, copying, monitoring, displaying, downloading or reproducing the content, information, software, products or services available on our website for commercial or competitive activity of any kind is strictly prohibited. 4.      Statement of privacy. respects your privacy. None of your personal information will be disclosed to third parties without your consent, except the data required by law, as well as your name, E-mail address and credit card information needed to complete the booking.
As far as the protection of your credit card details is concerned, this information is transmitted through a secure server protocol, which encodes your personal data and credit card details through an encryption system. The credit card details are kept only until your arrival at the hotel, after which date they are eliminated.

5.      A free service. Our service is free. We will not make any charge at all for our service or add any additional fees (when booking) to the price of the room. No fee will be charged by us to your credit card, as you will pay the hotel directly for your stay.

6.      Credit card: guaranteeing the booking. The hotels require your credit card details in order to guarantee the booking. Therefore, we will send that information directly to the hotel which you have booked. We may check the validity of your credit card details via a pre-authorization system. In order to protect and encode in your credit card details, we use “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) technology.

7.      Cancellation terms. When you make a booking for a hotel, you accept its terms for cancelling or no-show and other additional terms and conditions that affect your booking or your stay. The general terms for cancellation and no-show are available on the information pages for each hotel included on our website.

Policy of purchasing products from third parties other than the Local Tourist Board of Córdoba Terms and conditions of the entries

1. The Local Tourist Board of Córdoba sells tickets on behalf of the Promoter who is who organizes the event, and therefore it responds with such aspects as conditions for visibility, comfort, acoustics, accessibility....

2. It is not permitted the return of the amount of tickets previously acquired. The inability to attend a performance or an error to make the acquisition will not be valid reasons to proceed with the return. Only may cancel tickets and proceed to your return if and when the Local Tourist Board of Córdoba received explicit order of the Promoter to that effect and that tends to occur in cases such as cancellations, changes of dates...

3. The resale illegal (or attempt to resale illegal) an entry is a cause for the seizure or cancellation of the entry without reimbursement or any other kind of compensation. An entry may not be used for advertising, promotions, competitions or betting, unless the company promoter of the event granted a formal authorization in writing. The use of the trademarks or any other intellectual property of the Local Tourist Board of Córdoba will also be subject to the consent of the Local Tourist Board of Córdoba

4. It is the responsibility of the user information if it has been canceled an event and specify the date and time of any event postponed. If is canceled or program again an event, the Local Tourist Board of Córdoba informed as soon becomes aware of this through its publication in the web and try by all means at its disposal inform the bearers of the entries affected by the cancellation, once received the authorization by the associated company of events.

 5. This entry is issued in accordance with the rules and regulations of the enclosure and Sponsor of the event. All the details are available in the box office of the compound. The infringement of any of these rules and regulations, or any other unacceptable act that can cause damage, loss or injury, will entitle the premises or the Sponsor of the event to expel the user of the compound.

6. The company will not be responsible for any loss or theft of entries.

7. The ticket is subject to the right the compound or Sponsor of the event to alter or modify the program due to events or special circumstances without being obliged to repay the money or return tickets.

8. It is prohibited unauthorized use of photographic equipment or recording. It may destroy the tapes or films obtained. They can also be prohibited laser pointers, mobile phones, the dogs (except guide dogs) and the food and drink of the customer

9. The site, the Promoter of events and the Local Tourist Board of Córdoba is not responsible for any membership staff.

10. The bearer of the entry only has the right to a town in the value for the indicated at the entrance; the Promoter reserves the right to facilitate localities alternatives to the specified in the entry.

11. The bearers of entries give their consent to the video recording and sound as part of the public.

12. The entries can be restricted to a maximum number per person, by credit card and, for some events, per family. In case of purchases contravention of that standard in the case to exist, the company reserves the right to cancel the tickets purchased that exceed this number without prior notice.

13. Neither the compound, nor the Promoter of the event or the Local Tourist Board of Córdoba will have no responsibility beyond the nominal value of the entry purchased joined the rate of book per entry.

14. All these terms and conditions are governed by the Spanish legislation and any conflict resulting from any transaction with the Local Tourist Board of Córdoba subject only to the jurisdiction of the Spanish courts.

15. Any of the previous clauses that is null and void or would be contrary to the law, it will have as not placing, subtracting the other in force and with full effectiveness for the parties.


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